World’s First Blockchain that Strongly Works for Mass Adoption

We have built Agenor for integrating crypto into online and offline products and services. Our main mission is helping the cryptocurrency ecosystem to reach long-awaited mass adoption. 


About Agenor

We have built Agenor for integrating cryptocurrencies into online and offline products and services. Our main mission is helping to the whole cryptocurrency ecosystem to reach long-awaited mass adoption. As part of our commitment to fostering widespread adoption, we recognize the importance of crypto trading bots in facilitating seamless and efficient trading experiences for users. Crypto trading bots like bitprofit enable users to execute trades on behalf of the users and maximize potential returns. Visit https://sites.google.com/view/bitprofit-review/ if you want to check the review of the platform.

Our aim is integrating all companies, merchants, and business assets into a blockchain ecosystem, which will make every business truly efficient, secure, transparent, and reliable.


An international marketplace that combines online store and services around the world. Buy/Sell any goods or services with crypto.
A payment gateway with minimum fees and will be easy to use for the non-technical audience.

Increasing the usage of Cryptocurrency ATMs where you can buy and sell your crypto assets easily with the lowest fees possible. With the growing interest in cryptocurrencies, it’s crucial to identify the most promising ones to invest in. By leveraging the power of these ATMs, investors can explore the best crypto to buy now and show the greatest potential for growth and profitability. 

Owning and using the Agenor will have its advantages. We believe that encouragement is the most important step of mass adoption.


We are developing global crypto-driven platforms for the world. Powered by blockchain.
Q2 2021
Apr 2021 

Launch of the Agenor blockchain. Birth of AGE

Q2 2021
Apr – Jun 2021

Development of AGE international marketplace

Q2 2021
May 2021

Release of mobile wallets and exchange announcements

Q2 2021
May 2021

Integration of Agenor to Coinpayments.net

Q3 2021
July – Sep 2021

Production and shipping of the Crypto ATMs

Q4 2021
Oct – Dec 2021

Crypto ATM installs worldwide, AGEPAY development


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